Amphitheatre Restoration

Large Format JPG[1]For more than a century, the open air amphitheatre has been a central part of the Mary Washington experience. Hidden in the grove behind Lee and Trinkle Halls, this campus landmark has been the venue of choice for numerous commencements, May Day celebrations, plays, concerts, and even weddings.

Through the years, weather and time have not been kind. In 2012, consultants examined the site and said the amphitheatre must be restored or it could be lost forever. In 2014, UMW began a campaign to raise $3 million to fund this vital project.

Make your gift today to help complete the restoration of this cherished landmark¬†¬† (type in “Amphitheatre Restoration” from the drop-down menu in “Your Gift” section of the form.)

A dedication ceremony is planned for June 2, 2018.