UMW Students Present Grant Checks

This year’s annual check presentation by the Economics of Philanthropy and the Nonprofit Sector class featured a new technological element to increase visibility and access. President of the Learning by Giving Foundation Alex Buffett Rozek spoke to Professor Robert Rycroft’s class, representatives of three local nonprofits who received grant awards, and guests including President Hurley and Doris Buffett.

“UMW was the site of one of our first philanthropy class programs,” Rozek said, “so it is appropriate that this is now the site of the first live broadcast through Google Hangout as we seek to expand philanthropy beyond classrooms and beyond traditional walls.”

Professor Rycroft opened the program, President Hurley commended the students for their work, and Rozek recognized the trailblazing work and philanthropic vision of his grandmother – Doris Buffett. A representative of Google and the Academic Director of the Learning by Giving Foundation also participated in the live broadcast. Click the arrow above to watch the program.  Click here to read more about the class and the recipients of the grants: Lloyd F. Moss Free Clinic; Serenity Home of Fredericksburg; and THRIVE, the Healing Center.

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